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EuroJackpot Lottery Results

  • 6
  • 26
  • 31
  • 42
  • 50
  • 2
  • 9

Prize Breakdown

  • Division
  • Match
  • Payout Per Winner
  • Prize 1
  • 5+2
  • $ 0.00
  • Prize 2
  • 5+1
  • $ 2,615,870.17
  • Prize 3
  • 5+0
  • $ 153,874.63
  • Prize 4
  • 4+2
  • $ 5,918.22
  • Prize 5
  • 4+1
  • $ 373.16
  • Prize 6
  • 4+0
  • $ 161.67
  • Prize 7
  • 3+2
  • $ 82.01
  • Prize 8
  • 3+1
  • $ 26.08
  • Prize 9
  • 3+0
  • $ 20.91
  • Prize 10
  • 2+2
  • $ 26.08
  • Prize 11
  • 2+1
  • $ 10.81
  • Prize 12
  • 1+2
  • $ 11.40

Euro Jackpot

One of the more popular lotteries that has been introduced in recent times is the Euro Jackpot. Formed in 2012 it has steadily grown in prominence and has a respectable starting prize of €10,000,000. The highest amount won in the Euro Jackpot as of April, 2013 was €46,079,338.80 which was won by a player based in Germany. Needless to say this has served to increase its standing in the lottery world and the Euro Jackpot has proved that it is capable of turning dreams into reality.

Playing the EU Euro Jackpot

The Euro Jackpot consists of two number combinations that are chosen from two fields. The first combination is made up of five numbers that are picked from a field that ranges from one to 50. The second combination consists of two numbers that are chosen from a field of one to eight. This second combination is called the Euro (supplementary) numbers. In order to win the jackpot, both of the winning combinations equivalent to seven should be a match.

Should no one be lucky enough to hit the jackpot, it is rolled over to the following draw prize. The maximum rolled over amount in the Euro Jackpot is €90,000,000. One of the main features of the Euro Jackpot is an increased number of payoffs enhancing the chances of a player winning the jackpot.

Individuals can either participate in the EU Euro Jackpot onsite or via the internet. Those playing onsite should ensure that they purchase their tickets from a state licensed retailer. The Euro Jackpot is available throughout a number of countries within Europe, they include Finland, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Sweden and Slovenia. Tickets are available in a number of cities within these countries from licensed retailers.

Individuals wishing to participate in the Euro Jackpot will purchase a ticket from these retailers and cross out the numbers they have chosen. The agent will then record the combinations the player has chosen and provide them with a hard copy of the numbers once payment has been made.

Those participating in the Euro Jackpot online can either select their own combinations or enjoy the “quick pick” features available on the page. One can either choose the “quick pick” option available below each line or the “quick pick all” option found on upper right hand corner of the available number fields. These options allows the system to select a random combination on behalf of the player.

Draw Results

The results of the EU Euro Jackpot are drawn every week in Helsinki, Finland. Seven numbers are drawn every Friday at 21:00 and the results posted on the SplashLotto Euro Jackpot page. The winning combinations are posted on this page with the corresponding prizes as well as a history of past draws and their winnings.

In order to win, a player will need a minimum of three matching numbers (2 + 1). This means one will need to match at least the first two numbers of the five that are drawn in the first combination, and the first number drawn in the second combination (Euro Numbers).


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