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Win the La Primitiva Jackpot









La Primitiva is a Spanish Lottery which is offered both online and offline. Because it is targeted at Spanish speaking people, just pass if you do not understand the language. It is one of the oldest lotteries in the world and it created quite a sensation in 2015 when one person matched the six numbers and the one special numbers to win the then roll over jackpot of €105.7 million.
Draws are usually done on Thursday and Saturday. You are allowed to participate in both. Really, it is your choice. As the saying goes, the more you play the more you increase your chances of winning.

How to play the La Primitiva Lottery

Now, if you are wondering about how to play, here is how. After signing up or logging into your account, choose six numbers between 1 and 49. Just use your lucky numbers, every player has a set of such. There is usually a bonus number if you like. To win, there needs to be a match between your six numbers and the number assigned to your ticket, and the numbers announced to be the winning numbers. Do not be confused, the bonus number is the number on your ticket.

Take into consideration that the minimum amount of jackpot is usually €3million, which is good money indeed. If the jackpot rises as this is a rollover jackpot, then you could win more than the minimum jackpot. As usual, in case no one wins the jackpot, the money is rolled over to the next draw. The most you can do is keep playing and hope that your numbers will be the winning ones.
The highest ever-won jackpot was €66.6million. One person got it. That is what luck does do persistent players in a lottery. There is no other secret other than being a repetitive player. Keep playing, keep trying out your lucky numbers and one day, you will win. 

Other prizes in the La Primitiva

There are also other prizes along the way. For example, if you match 5 numbers, you get a prize. If you match 4, 3 and even 2 numbers, there is a prize for that, could be high, could be low, but it is still a prize. If you match 5 plus 1 numbers, you will win a good prize too. This is very encouraging. It should keep you playing some more aiming for the jackpot. 

Ensure you place in your numbers on time. This will save your frustrations, especially if you like thinking before keying in the numbers. Last minute rush is not good in lottery. Anyway, if you are the guessing type, then you can play even during the last minute rush.


($23.50 per share 200 Shares Left From 200 Shares)



1 draw is a weak choice. Choose more draws in purpose to maximize your chances to win the JackPot.

Participating in 4 draws is better than participating in 1 draw. As big amount of draws you participate as bigger your chances to win the JackPot.

12 draws is a good choice, but we strongly recommend you to choose the option of 24 or 48 draws in purpose to maximize your chances to win the JackPot.

Participating in 24 draws raises you chances to win the JackPot.

48 draws is the best selection. Now you maximized your chances to win the JackPot.

Chances to win


Lines: 100
Shares: 1
Draws: 1
20.00 (~$23.50)


  1. 91217253749
  2. 122223273041
  3. 132122394348
  4. 22132353747
  5. 103236424748
  6. 52022343746
  7. 51727434448
  8. 6710112840
  9. 1922304749
  10. 101721253034
  11. 92035374042
  12. 71314232426
  13. 12671547
  14. 122429304246
  15. 11112182339
  16. 232630394546
  17. 51335384143
  18. 8913182335
  19. 6922304243
  20. 5610141847
  21. 11213182327
  22. 51233394649
  23. 3717243742
  24. 41011202433
  25. 21316273032
  26. 138223842
  27. 151920293345
  28. 42331354649
  29. 222327343643
  30. 41321414243
  31. 7824293539
  32. 21014353947
  33. 126414549
  34. 3613141941
  35. 2319414648
  36. 81621233042
  37. 92324253339
  38. 81721404349
  39. 81320414449
  40. 91013212943
  41. 101115214041
  42. 63338414347
  43. 11016212533
  44. 81518252631
  45. 121519424548
  46. 91018212349
  47. 71718283336
  48. 1518304043
  49. 82037444648
  50. 91022252931
  1. 122223243849
  2. 51415284142
  3. 32831324043
  4. 142022242648
  5. 4722243242
  6. 81124253348
  7. 61117222945
  8. 4616232747
  9. 62123272948
  10. 4813384042
  11. 131418283949
  12. 81819222933
  13. 61923263138
  14. 202831344046
  15. 42324373944
  16. 4814232435
  17. 151732384049
  18. 4813163338
  19. 4719202834
  20. 121316192335
  21. 111214152147
  22. 1316193040
  23. 3919212839
  24. 212931354048
  25. 102227313549
  26. 112529353744
  27. 162836374347
  28. 21011162448
  29. 91213151621
  30. 11829353741
  31. 4915343840
  32. 81517193741
  33. 111215222549
  34. 61718364649
  35. 3712263146
  36. 82227324044
  37. 91217212449
  38. 5720313741
  39. 51318263539
  40. 101628353841
  41. 12930323645
  42. 81618222733
  43. 11133353649
  44. 31112303340
  45. 121320293941
  46. 122022333842
  47. 102331323334
  48. 4520343549
  49. 12325304548
  50. 91426464748
Being one of the very first lotteries in the world, it makes sense to say that the first lottery draw was done in 1763. Surprisingly, the lottery continues to attract new players every year because it offers excellent winning odds. 

La Primitiva is a lottery game with a long history of a twice-weekly draw. At first, the game gained tremendous popularity, but unfortunately, it was discontinued in early 1800’s. In 1985, it was resurrected again, and since then, its popularity has never stopped growing. 

Some of the reasons La Primitiva lottery game continues to attract more players is that it has huge jackpots, exciting game player, and stimulating updates. The jackpot usually starts out at €3 million, but if it is not won, then it is rolled over next week. In the history of La Primitiva, the largest ever won by a player was €73 million in 2014. 

How the lottery works

Compared with many other lotteries, the game play of La Primitiva is a bit more complicated. In fact, this is the main reason why the game is sometimes a little bit overwhelming for starters. However, this is what makes experienced lottery players stick to it because they find the change of the pace irresistible. Despite the fact that the game is somehow more complex especially in its rules, filling out the actual tickets is very easy because it is extremely intuitive. 

Eight numbers are usually selected for a single play. If you like, you can let your computer generate the first six numbers from a pool of numbers that starts from 1 to 49. On the same note, you can also select them manually. The seventh number, or commonly known as the complementary ball, is the bonus number. You don’t have to select it manually because it will be selected automatically for you. Lastly, there is a “Reintegro” number that you can select manually, and it should be within 1 to 9. Typically, you will win prizes according to how many numbers you are able to match.

  • Large jackpots
  • Best odds of winning
  • Fun game play
  • Relatively high taxation on winnings

Despite the 20 percent tax and a bit more complicated rules for playing the game, La Primitiva remains a major lottery company in the world’s lottery industry. The jackpots are definitely good, and odds of winning are nothing less than great. We would not hesitate to recommend it for you, especially if you are up to play a unique lottery game. Simply put, this game is your perfect choice.


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