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About Us

About Us

SplashLotto Game Features

Winning the lottery is a dream that a lot of people have at one point or another. Having the luck of the draw may not always come easy so the least one can do is have fun when they are participating. SplashLotto has made a point of ensuring this by providing a number of unique features that enhance the experience their players are able to enjoy.

The Play Smart algorithm that is used allows a player to choose as many combinations of numbers they would like on one ticket. This increases a person’s chances of winning while decreasing the cost per ticket when one is choosing combinations.

SplashLotto also provides a Group Play feature that enables different people to come together and combine their various tickets into one pool. One can form a group with their friends or simply join an online group for this activity. Pooling one’s tickets increases the number of combinations to be had and enhances one’s chances of winning, the group is then able to share the spoils of any winning combinations.

SplashLotto provides some of the biggest lotteries to be had in the world. One can choose from lotteries such as EuroMillions from the UK and MegaMillions in the US all on the same platform.

Commitment to Excellence

SplashLotto makes a point of ensuring they provide the best possible services available when it comes to online entertainment and lottery participation. The lotteries provided are easily accessible from almost anywhere around the world and come at a considerate price to ensure the participants do not go out of pocket to regularly take part. SplashLotto offers a variety of lotteries, including those of international stature for those with the aim of winning big and changing their lives forever.

SplashLotto Mission Statement

SplashLotto commits itself to making dreams come true. This devotion is portrayed in the additional benefits and game features that can be found on this platform. SplashLotto’s services are connected to the highest official lotteries around the globe ensuring any potential winnings will be received and money will not be wasted on wayward online schemes that have no financial guarantees.

SplashLotto Support Systems

SplashLotto provides unrivalled support for those who may need help with their activities. SplashLotto provides professional account managers who will assist with any queries that one might have. These managers can be reached on the number below:

Call: Canada: +1(603)704-1322

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