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Austria EuroMillions Lottery Results

  • 15
  • 28
  • 37
  • 40
  • 42
  • 1
  • 6

Prize Breakdown

  • Division
  • Match
  • Payout Per Winner
  • Prize 1
  • 5+2
  • $ 43,637,869.91
  • Prize 2
  • 5+1
  • $ 231,749.15
  • Prize 3
  • 5+0
  • $ 35,984.61
  • Prize 4
  • 4+2
  • $ 3,520.15
  • Prize 5
  • 4+1
  • $ 219.13
  • Prize 6
  • 4+0
  • $ 70.14
  • Prize 7
  • 3+2
  • $ 140.29
  • Prize 8
  • 3+1
  • $ 19.27
  • Prize 9
  • 3+0
  • $ 15.27
  • Prize 10
  • 2+2
  • $ 24.91
  • Prize 11
  • 2+1
  • $ 10.57
  • Prize 12
  • 2+0
  • $ 5.52
  • Prize 13
  • 1+2
  • $ 12.69

Austria Euromillions

The Austria Euromillions is a rollover jackpot. If there is no winner on the last draw, the top prize is then rolled over to the next one and so the jackpot amount keeps growing. You can your ticket to play the Euromillions lottery from Austria on the internet. The Euromillions lottery is very popular in the participating countries in Europe since it is a multinational jackpot. Many people participate every week. If you need tips and strategies to pick winning numbers, you will find all the information that you need online. 

How to play the Austria Euromillions lottery

With Austria Euromillions, just as with any other lottery, there are playing rules. First, you will select five main numbers. Then, you have a chance to select another two extra numbers. The first five numbers should be chosen from the cluster of 1 to 50 while the extra ones are between 1 and 12. With strategy and luck, the numbers that you select can make you a winner.

For you to win the jackpot, the five plus two numbers need to match those in the draw.  However, if you are not lucky to get the jackpot, there are other ways to walk away with some good money. There are 12 categories of prizes that do not require you to have a match of all the seven numbers. The least amount of money for the jackpot is usually €17 million while the maximum is €190 million. Austria Euromillions is such a ‘catch’ in lottery. You should participate as often as you can.

Draws are normally held on Tuesday and Friday. You should participate in both – just the fun and anxiety of waiting for the numbers is quite an experience in itself. Besides, you might be lucky and win something in both draws. The winning numbers and information about the draws are provided on the Austria Euromillions website. This fosters transparency and accountability.

You will receive emails alerting you about what is going down in Austria Euromillions. You will also receive an SMS if you have won a prize. So just play the lottery and relax; wait for the draw and that SMS. If you do not win, the lottery is like a cycle; you keep playing, you could win in the next draw.

The Austria Euromillions has a Superdraw. Every player waits for this draw. The minimum amount to win in any Superdraw is €130 million. You have three opportunities to win: the 12 categories, jackpot and Superdraw. There is something for everyone in the Austria Euromillions.

The Euro Jackpot syndicate strategy

To win the Austria Euromillions you may have to do much more than just buying the ticket. The Euro jackpot syndicate strategy can work, where many people buy tickets in a group to increase their chances of winning and when they win, they split the money. 


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