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List of packages

American Gold
1,836 Tickets
6-combo lotteries
72 Draws
€576.00  (~$676.77)
€518.40 (~$609.09)
American Platinum
3,600 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
72 Draws
€840.00  (~$986.96)
€739.20 (~$868.52)
European Platinum
3,600 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
72 Draws
€1,440.00  (~$1,691.93)
€1,267.20 (~$1,488.90)
European Gold
1,800 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
36 Draws
€720.00  (~$845.96)
€648.00 (~$761.37)
American Silver
600 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
12 Draws
€140.00  (~$164.49)
€133.00 (~$156.27)
American Bronze
151 Tickets
4-combo lotteries
4 Draws
€38.00  (~$44.65)
€37.24 (~$43.76)
European Silver
400 Tickets
2-combo lotteries
8 Draws
€160.00  (~$187.99)
€152.00 (~$178.59)
European Bronze
150 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
3 Draws
€60.00  (~$70.50)
€58.80 (~$69.09)

Lottery Results

  • Australia - Powerball
    22 Nov
    • 3
    • 14
    • 17
    • 28
    • 29
    • 33
    • 34
    • 17
  • SuperLotto Plus
    22 Nov
    • 1
    • 10
    • 12
    • 38
    • 43
    • 12
  • US Powerball
    22 Nov
    • 7
    • 14
    • 23
    • 38
    • 55
    • 18
  • New York Lotto
    22 Nov
    • 9
    • 24
    • 34
    • 35
    • 57
    • 58
    • 33
  • Lotto649
    21 Nov
    • 2
    • 10
    • 13
    • 25
    • 40
    • 42
    • 38

Play with one card or several cards

SplashLotto values group play in lottery. Two options add fun to the game. You either decide to buy one card and add 20 people on it, or form a group of players and buy several cards. It is Play Smart or Group Play respectively. The second option is cheaper. However, both options give you better chances to win amazing deals, whether in promotions or player points. The choice is yours. Let your friends know. Form a SplashLotto group and play your way to victory. Millions in prize money are in store for you.

We Reward New Members 

We have a welcome package for all new members. You can consider it a bonus to welcome you in-house and to get you started playing.

At SplashLotto, new players are treated specially. We welcome you with €2 just for joining us. With consistency in playing the lottery, we guarantee you amazing deals. We run regular promotions and the more you play, the more you increase your chances of winning. There have never been great deals as those you get with SplashLotto. Join, play and see your account accumulate.

Instant payout system

With SplashLotto, the rule is simple - Get paid as you win. There are no delays. Your money is safe because we are a legal, licensed and well-insured lottery firm. We care about your investments.
I demand top security and that is just what I've found at Splash Lotto! Their security is the best and of the highest level, meaning that my payment details cannot be access by malicious people out there. They use the Secure Sockets Layer standard of security to encrypt my transaction data, and so I can sit pretty knowing that my money will always be safe.
Graham Collun
Splash Lotto is an exceptional in the way you open their homepage and you have all you need right before you, you can select the lotteries you want to put your money on, every lottery is well displayed with clear and legible font and so it will be very hard to make errors.
Kjell Larsson
One thing that caught my attention about Splash Lotto is the simplicity of their website. From their homepage, you only have to navigate to only four other pages, and they have minimal content just like players would expect! It’s about betting and that is what you will get from the Play Lottery page through to the Result & Info page.
Jarred Stork
United kingdom

Money Back Guarantee
You will receive bonus money back on Every deposit. Up to 10% of your deposit will be refund as Bonus.

100% Secure
We use the highest level of SSL protect to ensure all your payment details are safe and secure.

Multi Numbers Selection
With Splash Lotto you can cover almost the half ticket. You can select up to 20 numbers instead of 5 in every ticket.

What are you waiting for? Join today!

You are missing a lot if you are not playing with SplashLotto. Start by creating an account. It is free to create an account, the process is simple and the interface is user-friendly. 

Register your account today at SplashLotto website. Fill in your personal data, so we can get your details and keep them safe. Once you secure space on our website, there are many offers and discounts to get you started. You will also have access to crucial information. You can make deposits, withdrawals, see the tickets you have bought and access great offers. There is a lot to learn and benefit from SplashLotto. Just open an account. This will expose you to a variety of great deals from which you can make millions. Your prize is just a click away.

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