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Free Lottery Promotions

Free Lottery Promotions

SplashLotto offers more than just the chance to win big in the various lottery draws that are available on their platform. There are a number of promotions that users of SplashLotto can enjoy when they choose it as their main source of lottery competitions. These promotions are designed to add to the experience of players who take in part in the SplashLotto lotteries.

Some of the promotions that SplashLotto players are able to enjoy include:

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is enjoyed by everyone who registers with SplashLotto successfully. The promotion involves a €2 credit bonus transferred to one’s account that can be used in the various available lotteries.

Gift Bonus

This is a €10 bonus that is added to any player that deposits €200 into their account. The bonus is activated whenever a player deposits €200 into their SplashLotto and is not just a one-time thing. The more times an individual invests in their account, the more bonuses they are able to enjoy.

Frequent Player Points

This particular promotion rewards SplashLotto players for frequently competing in the various lotteries on the platform. Every ticket bought from SplashLotto will result in an accumulation of player points that can be used to buy even more tickets. More tickets result in higher chances of winning the lottery.

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