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List of packages

American Gold
4,836 Tickets
6-combo lotteries
12 Draws
€576.00  (~$622.23)
€518.40 (~$560.01)
American Platinum
9,600 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
24 Draws
€840.00  (~$907.42)
€739.20 (~$798.53)
European Platinum
7,200 Tickets
4-combo lotteries
24 Draws
€1,800.00  (~$1,944.47)
€1,584.00 (~$1,711.14)
European Gold
3,600 Tickets
4-combo lotteries
12 Draws
€900.00  (~$972.24)
€810.00 (~$875.01)
American Silver
1,600 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
4 Draws
€140.00  (~$151.24)
€133.00 (~$143.68)
European Silver
800 Tickets
3-combo lotteries
4 Draws
€220.00  (~$237.66)
€209.00 (~$225.78)
American Bronze
401 Tickets
4-combo lotteries
1 Draws
€38.00  (~$41.05)
€37.24 (~$40.23)
European Bronze
300 Tickets
4-combo lotteries
1 Draws
€75.00  (~$81.02)
€73.50 (~$79.40)

Lottery Results

  • Powerball
    26 Mar
    • 18
    • 31
    • 32
    • 45
    • 48
    • 10
  • New York Lotto
    26 Mar
    • 7
    • 18
    • 39
    • 43
    • 45
    • 46
    • 19
  • La Primitiva
    25 Mar
    • 7
    • 11
    • 35
    • 36
    • 37
    • 40
    • 8
  • SuperEnalotto
    25 Mar
    • 3
    • 50
    • 60
    • 64
    • 85
    • 86
    • 58
  • SuperStar
    25 Mar
    • 3
    • 50
    • 60
    • 64
    • 85
    • 86
    • 58
    • 76

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Imagine yourself, you could fill 20 or more numbers instead of 5 possible numbers in the same ticket.
At Splash Lotto you can add extra numbers to your ticket. For example, in PowerBall you can select 9 regular and 11 power numbers or 13 regular numbers and 7 power numbers or any other combination in the same ticket. If there is a match of 5+1 numbers, in this specific ticket, you win MILLIONS. Same options you have in all other lotteries.
Increase your chances of winning by adding more numbers!

Payout guarantee

DaLotto is insured lottery provider and has a full payout guarantee. This means that we insure all lottery entries made, ensuring that your winnings are 100% secure with us.


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Jarred Stork
United Kingdom

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Graham Collun
I discovered Splash Lotto while searching online for alternative ways to earn money. I never even considered that the lottery could possibly be a worthwhile option for me. Splash Lotto managed to simplify playing the lottery so that even someone like me with no background knowledge whatsoever can play with ease.
Kennet Olsson

Money Back Guarantee
You will receive bonus money back on Every deposit. Up to 10% of your deposit will be refund as Bonus.

100% Secure
We use the highest level of SSL protect to ensure all your payment details are safe and secure.

Multi Numbers Selection
With Splash Lotto you can cover almost the half ticket. You can select up to 20 numbers instead of 5 in every ticket.

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