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Win the UK Lotto Jackpot









The UK Lotto is indeed a big thing, especially since it is a state-franchised entity that has been offering countrywide lottery for many years. It is run by the Camelot Group. However, it is not reserved for people of the UK only, but this lottery allows players outside the UK to participate. When you visit their website, you will see just how you can take part in the lottery even though you are not from the UK. 

How do you get started with UK lotto? It is easy. First, if you are not a member, you need to sign up for a free account on their website. You will fill in your details such as your name, email address, telephone number and so on. After that, you will start playing just as the others. There is basic information that you should know about playing. You are required to select 6 numbers from a cluster of 1 to59.  

The UK Lotto holds draws two times a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. However, the jackpot may vary since it is a rollover jackpot meaning that when there is no winner, the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw thus making the amount bigger and bigger. But the ultimate prize is not the jackpot only since there are other prize categories to gear towards. This makes the game fun and enticing. 

Lotto Millionaire

There is some kind of ‘side dish’ to the UK Lotto; one in which players win millions. It is called Lotto Millionaire, started in 2015, around 21 years after the UK Lotto was initiated. Here, there is usually 1 millionaire and other 20, £20,000 winners.  There are usually other situations when the lottery is even more fun. Apart from the routine draws, occasions such as festivities can warrant more draws. This means more winners, more lives changed, and definitely more fun in the game.

UK Lotto as a lottery firm has put in place measures to ensure transparency and fairness in playing. How? You may ask. For instance, when signing up, the system ensures one account is assigned to one user only. There is no way an individual player can play twice in the same draw. This way, everyone has an equal opportunity to play and stand a chance to win good money.

Are there strategies that you can use to enhance your chances of winning the UK Lotto? Well, there are a few. For example, the lottery syndicate USA pools many players together, buys more tickets and plays more numbers thus enhancing the chances of winning. Find out whether there are such lottery syndicate groups in the UK and join them. You never know where your luck lies.


($14.75 per share 100 Shares Left From 100 Shares)



1 draw is a weak choice. Choose more draws in purpose to maximize your chances to win the JackPot.

Participating in 4 draws is better than participating in 1 draw. As big amount of draws you participate as bigger your chances to win the JackPot.

12 draws is a good choice, but we strongly recommend you to choose the option of 24 or 48 draws in purpose to maximize your chances to win the JackPot.

Participating in 24 draws raises you chances to win the JackPot.

48 draws is the best selection. Now you maximized your chances to win the JackPot.

Chances to win


Lines: 50
Shares: 1
Draws: 1
20.00$ $ (~$14.75)


  1. 62030424450
  2. 62627284258
  3. 41822364152
  4. 61112183343
  5. 111343465057
  6. 41230363756
  7. 41233344551
  8. 234041555658
  9. 63541445155
  10. 5915334255
  11. 232432345358
  12. 111233364247
  13. 11112212429
  14. 3512152326
  15. 31527294057
  16. 21521343555
  17. 43136465657
  18. 1321263640
  19. 183335374355
  20. 91318203047
  21. 52022434548
  22. 112730344448
  23. 233034444557
  24. 31126343556
  25. 2825385758
  1. 81116223144
  2. 31023253958
  3. 253140414658
  4. 83031333958
  5. 2840465559
  6. 71639404256
  7. 21944454951
  8. 101650525358
  9. 71539425659
  10. 172426475258
  11. 161938404143
  12. 62829314151
  13. 91930385259
  14. 81524303857
  15. 6825414552
  16. 42240425259
  17. 91130394959
  18. 2713213043
  19. 121340505253
  20. 11018283844
  21. 172933375054
  22. 91516183355
  23. 273947535455
  24. 182431535559
  25. 133238515355
Winning the UK lottery can a tremendous life-changing event. And you can win too. People have been winning jackpots and other smaller prizes all the time. While most people who play the UK National lottery won’t win the jackpot, there is still a chance that you could take home millions of pounds. What wouldn’t you do if this dream comes true? So, how do you increase your chances of winning the main prize? 

Instead of worrying about what numbers that you should select when the lottery is completely random, your main concern should be what numbers are you not supposed to select. In this way, you will be avoiding “obvious” numbers as well as sequences that many other lottery players might choose. This is because if you select “obvious” numbers, chances are high that there would be more than one individual matching the numbers, which means that you will have to share the main prize with them. 

Here is an effective guide that will greatly improve your chances of bagging a hefty prize:

  • Try as much as you can to ensure that you do not to choose more than 2 successive numbers. The sequence you should always avoid is 1,2,3 and 47, 48, 59. 
  • Because many players tend to use all birthdates, you should make sure that you are not among them by not picking any of the numbers above 31. 
  • If you are going to choose numbers that are equal to or less than 12, then you should avoid picking more than two numbers for the obvious reason that these numbers tend to clash with not only months, but also with birthdays. 
  • If you happen to know the 6 numbers that another UK lotto player has used, avoid them. Being greedy, you want the jackpot all for yourself and using the numbers that have been used by someone else would mean that when you win the jackpot, you would have to share it equally amongst yourselves. This also means that you should never reveal the numbers you have used to anyone because they might copy them. When this happens, both of you will have almost a zero chance of winning the great prize. 
  • Chances are high that most people are going to try a set of the 6 winning numbers of the previous draw. For this reason, you should not pick any of these numbers. 
Of course, there is no guarantee that you are going to win the lottery. However, the number selection strategy would improve your chances of being the lucky winner. You could also join group, like the Eurojackpot lottery syndicate and tremendously increase your chances of winning.


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